ATTRITION sind meine Lieblinge!
Es gibt von ihnen sehr viel und ich kenne bei weitem auch nicht alles.
Insbesondere die frühen Veröffentlichungen sind mir häufig unbekannt.
ATTRITION haben ihre eigene Homepage
und sind unter zu finden.

Die Tabelle ist wahrscheinlich sehr unvollständig (und falsch),
sie listet zudem nur die klassischen Veröffentlichungen auf.
cassette alternative sounds 1981 live at the star club ???
cassette alternative sounds 1981 demonstro ???
7 flexi adventures in reality 1982 ??? avoid; fear
v.a.cas adventures in reality 1982 realities 1 hours & hours; tomb
cassette adventures in reality 1982 death house crawling; dead of night
v.a.cas tone death 1982 rising from the red sand the visitor; black death
v.a.cas statutory ? rising from the red sand the visitor; black death; pendulum turns
cassette ??? demo beast of burden; the redoubt of light; monkey in a bin; pendulum turns 1 & 2; day i was born; cut it fine
cassette third mind 1983 onslaught vigil; onslaught; shrinkwrap; tones in black; first onslaught
v.a.cas audition 1983 action & reaction inside/outside; talkback; for the child; the christening; no ending; casual nightmare; critique of leisure consumption; bluegrass xmass
v.a.lp x-tract 1983 elephant table album dreamsleep
v.a.cas adventures in reality 1983 the last supper mr. toma
v.a.cas irre 1983 ??? i saw you slowly; monkey in a bin; how about that dum dum; day i was born; onslaught; you will remember nothing
12 inch record union 1984 deliverance monkey in a bin; surge and run
v.a.cas ??? bethel ???
v.a.lp glass 1984 shadows and substance cut it fine
v.a.lp crass 1984 bullshit detector 3 in your hand
lp third mind 1984 the attrition of reason day i was born; the redoubt of light; you will remember nothing; take a walk; beast of burden; behind innocence, lies; the decline; prayer for the head
12 inch third mind 1984 the voice of god the next day; the outer edge; across the divide; reflections
v.a.lp third mind 1984 life at the top the last refuge
v.a.lp adventures in reality 1984 something stirs something stirs; pain; the beginning of the end
v.a.cas ??? live in Holland 1984 something stirs, reflections, the next day, across the divide, pendulum turns, the outer edge, the redoubt of light
v.a.cas calypso 1984 live in Biel 1984 pendulum turns; reflections; the redoubt of light; dreamsleep; the next day; the outer edge; take a walk; surge and run; monkey in a bin; across the divide
v.a.cas ding dong 1984/5 the terminal kaleidoscope reflections, redoubt of light, the next day, across the divide, beast of burden, surge and run
12 inch third mind 1985 shrinkwrap shrinkwrap; pendulum turns
v.a.lp food 1985 imminent episode 1 hallucinator
lp third mind 1985 smiling, at the hypogonder club look out, hedonist; the game is up; feel the backlash; mind drop; pendulum turns; fusillade part 1; fusillade part 2; hallucinator; my eyes; fate is smiling
lp third mind 1986 in the realm of the hungry ghosts vigil; into the waves; in your hands; surge and run; marrianne's dream; dreamsleep; the last refuge; the beginning of the end
v.a.lp third mind 1986 future tense questions; which hand?; a forgotten dream; a'dam and eva
v.a.lp third mind 1987 for your ears only day i was born; fusillade part 3
v.a.lp slip 1987 abuse monkey in a bin
mini lp supporti fonografici 1987 take five take five; this final push; shotgun; for julie; the wrecking ground
v.a.lp cathexis 1987 perdurabo a'dam and eva
v.a.cas ee 1987 notre dame under the bridge
v.a.7 pop noise 1987 pop noise i am
v.a.cas premonition 1988 year one take five
v.a.lp hamster 1988 obscure independent classics 5 look out, hedonist (live)
v.a.cas prion 1988 durchschnittsanfall 3 the game is up (live)
v.a.cas progressive entertainment real underground 1 fusillade part 5 (live)